About Us

Eximo started as an idea for Jason Scrivens in December 2015. It was based on several frustrations. The first being that he had to work for a employer that seemed to get all the credit for his hard work. The second was seeing the frustration of his friends and family wanting good, trustworthy help, but not knowing where to turn.

Jason built this business to be an engine of trust in an online world where trust is hard to find. Hiring people without personally knowing them can be awkward, uncomfortable, and at times, unreliable. By using Eximo, people don’t have to micromanage someone for something as simple as mowing the lawn. They can put their trust in the people they hire, due to the in-depth rating system, and other features Jason has worked hard to create.

At Eximo, we are working day and night to become a leader in the marketplace for small tasks being done well by trusted workers.

Eximo’s main purpose is connecting good people to one another. We are providing a marketplace where people can get things done as responsibly and risk free as possible. That has been our driving principal since day one. Good people helping good people.

Since that point in 2015. Eximo has gone through several developments and setbacks to get it to the website you now see before you. A lot of hard work and long hours have gone into making this website what it is. We hope that you enjoy what we have created!

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind.