What makes us different?

Eximo was created to make finding and hiring trustworthy people simple and easy. We do this using several different features:

1. Before and after pictures

The first feature is a before and after picture system. By using this, the Job Creator doesn’t need to be around when the job is completed, they can see it on their phone!

2. In-depth rating system

This feature rates the Creator and the Worker, so future Creators and Workers have an idea of what to expect!

3. Payments through Eximo

Eximo also holds payments until a job is completed. This way, neither party has to worry about the payment – it’s all handled!

4. Dispute Resolution

If there is ever an issue between people, Eximo has a dispute resolution system, handled by trusted, objective employees.

How do I get paid?

Eximo uses PayPal and Interac e-Transfer® to pay workers. The money accumulated from the tasks you complete will be stored on your dashboard.

In order to have the payment transferred, all a worker needs to do is enter their email address, payment preference and the amount. The form is located on your dashboard.

Payments usually go through within 48 hours, and there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $25.00 CAD.

How do we make money?

Eximo takes $5 or 5% of a job bid, whichever is higher. We take this amount of money to keep our website, and all it’s features, running smoothly. This also discourages people from creating false jobs to boost their own ratings, and makes sure that those bidding on and creating jobs are ernest, sincere and will have the best experience possible.

How does the rating system work?

There are two rating systems, one for the Job Creator and one for the Worker. The creator system has 5 questions, and the worker system has 6 questions. The answers are displayed in a bar graph form, making it easy to see how each person ranks in separate categories!

For Workers:

  1. Is it a safe work environment?
  2. Did the job match the description?
  3. Were you treated fairly by the Job Creator?
  4. Did the Creator go above and beyond?
  5. Would you work with them again?
  6. Would you like to add anything else?

For Creators:

  1. How was the Workers presentation? ex: hygiene, appropriate clothing, irritable
  2. Was the Worker competent? ex: inefficient, clumsy, skilled
  3. How satisfied are you with job?
  4. Was the Worker on time?
  5. Did the Worker go above and beyond?
  6. Would you rehire this Worker?
  7. Would you like to add anything else?

By not simply having a 5 star yes/no ranking system, Workers and Creators can see where they excelled and the areas that might need some work. Having an in-depth system like this makes searching for Workers and Job Creators simple and quick!

How does the dispute system work?

In the unlikely event that a Job Creator and a Worker don’t agree that the job has been completed correctly, the Job Creator may open a dispute claim, stating why the Worker should not be paid. The Creator may submit photos to back up the claim. We then give the Worker 72 hours to submit an argument in their defense. After this 72 hours, Eximo employees will make a judgement call based on pictures and arguments submitted by both parties. Payments of jobs will not be prorated; the Worker gets paid in full or the Creator gets a full refund.

At Eximo, we consider the Dispute System to be a last resort and do not expect many people to have to use this, as we have before-and-after pictures, and an in-depth rating system of job Creators and Workers.

Insurance or liability

Eximo does not insure any work done, nor is Eximo held liable for anything. We are a simply a website that helps good people find good people.